Best Red Carpet Hair Trends - styles, cuts, colours & coifs!

Tired of your look? The quickest and easiest way to a new 'you' is taking a trip to your hairdresser and asking them to impress you with a new look for your tresses.

Whether it's cutting that man right out of your hair or changing your hair colour, it's always best to do all your research and be absolutely sure that craved-for look is good for you. What's good for Beyonce doesn't always work for Betty…be open to your hairdresser's suggestions on how to adapt the 'look' to enhance your features and work with your lifestyle.


The Pixie Cut (Anne Hathaway)

A super-short pixie cut like the one actress Anne Hathaway is currently sporting, is not for the faint-hearted or big-featured. It's bold and yet feminine and guaranteed to turn heads on those brave enough to try it. You have nowhere to hide, so going for the big chop requires a certain kind of confidence. If you're sitting on the fence as to whether or not to go short, it's probably best you don't.


Golden Brown (Sofia Vergara, Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes)

Rich, warm brown is the hot hue for brunettes or blondes looking to get back to their roots or looking for a drastic change. The colour works best on those already with dark hair looking to make the colour richer. For blondes not quite ready to lose their golden tresses completely, the could opt for gradient shading (Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez) for a subtle darker roots to discreetly lightened tips look.


Blondes with Substance (Blake Lively)

Blondes need to mix it up with contrasting colours achieved by combining highlights and two varying lowlight shades. Think of contrasting colours in grain patterns of wood.


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Fringes & Bobs

Cutting a fringe (Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence) is the easiest chop to freshen up your look, especially if you're not ready to cut long hair.

The bob is always - in one way or another - on trend. Whether you opt for a longer jawline bob, one that sits middle of the neck or up around your ears, you will always ooze style.


Curly and Straight

Tousled curls (Chloe Meretz) or the 'bedhead' look works best for longer hair with natural curl. For curl with more sophistication (Kate Middleton) opt for a classic blow-out with curled ends for a bit of movement.


Do the Pony

Ponytails were all over the catwalks at the Spring/Summer 2013 shows. It's simple, minimalist and chic - but it's all about positioning. Tie your pony too high and it's all bit too cheerleader-esque. Low ponytails are sophisticated and a little 'older' whilst ponytails positioned in the middle of the back of the head are just right if you don't want to appear overly 'done'. Make sure your pony's 'tail' is neither too curly or too straight. Smooth with a slight wave is the optimal look.


Deep Side Parts

Deep side parts work best with straight hair but curly girls can make the look work too by turning their curls into more of a side-swept look or low side-ponytail.


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