Fringes. Bangs. Whatever you want to call them, they're so hot right now. Best of all, a fringe can trim years off your face and give you a completely new look without too much style risk.

Forget Botox, a fringe will make wrinkles disappear, enhance cheekbones and make eyes appear bigger and brighter.

The kindest 'chop' of all, fringes can seem daunting but the trick is choosing the right type of fringe for you and accepting there will be minimal styling effort needed. Best of all, if your fringe isn't your friend, it won't take too long to grow out!


If you have fine hair... opt for a heavier fringe, starting close to the crown.

Those with thick hair...  should go for a layered fringe to remove excess weight and soften the look.

Round faces...  can carry square fringes and square face shapes suit a rounded fringe that's longer at the sides.


FRINGE STYLES: View our gallery of the hottest celebrity fringes

The Choppy Fringe (Michelle Obama) - A choppy fringe and flicked-out layers shaves years of the First Lady.

Soft Full Fringe (Reese Witherspoon) - Long locks get an instant update with a soft, full fringe.

Full Thick Fringe (Taylor Swift) - A full, thick fringe adds oomph to long, lifeless hair.

Side Fringe (Rose Byrne) - Fine hair gets body with a side fringe and bit of backcombing.

Blunt Fringe (Emma Stone) - A long bob and a blunt fringe draws attention to cheekbones.

Peek-A-Boo Fringe (Kerry Washington) - Peeking out from under a long fringe is sexy but can get annoying. Ask for a choppy but long textured cut.

Super Short Crop Fringe (Anne Hathaway) - A dramatic eye-skimming asymmetric fringe rebalances a long face.

Full Fringe (Zooey Deschanel) - A full fringe is 60s-esque and requires lashings of mascara and eyeliner to make eyes pop and complete the look.

Long Side Fringe (Jennifer Lawrence) - Laidback sexy, the wispy part peek-a-boo fringe is universally flattering.


Styling A Fringe

Often the one thing holding some back from going the chop-chop is the fear of fringe styling. The right products and equipment will make life easier and won't cost you extra styling minutes.

  • For curled under ends, blow-dry fringe with a large, round bristle brush to avoid falling flat or flicking out and odd angles.
  • For a smooth finish to blunt fringes, dry to one side first then across to the other.
  • Stubborn kinks or frizz can be straightened out with a hair straightener.
  • Product wise, look for heat-protection products to keep your fringe un-frazzled and a spritz of dry shampoo can revive a droopy, flat fringe.