No doubt you're wondering who I am. You've been losing sleep over it. Racking your brains trying to figure out who would have unbridled access to Logies-gossip. Who knows the ins and outs of Australian television's night of nights? Who loves to ask multiple questions in a row without giving any answers?

All I can say is this - you can trust that all the Logies-lovin' I'm dishing up, is top shelf information. I'm a TV addict who can be spotted working a room at the best parties, eavesdropping on the chitter-chatter of your favourite stars, and sitting at home watching Bondi Rescue and eating leftovers. Hey, it's not always glamorous.

As the countdown to the 56th TV WEEK Logie Awards begins, you're going to want someone who has the finger on the pulse. That someone is me. If you play your cards right, I might even let you see my face (I definitely won't), but one thing is guaranteed, all your Logies needs will be met.

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