Home And Away star’s flatmate was paid to spy on his girlfriend!

It’s not every day your flatmate comes home and tells you he plans to stalk your girlfriend.

But that’s exactly what happened to Home And Away’s Nic Westaway!

The actor’s flatmate is Daniel Webber (below), who had a role in miniseries Devil’s Dust.

“He said, ‘I’m stalking your girlfriend,’” Nic, 26, laughs. “Then he added, ‘On the show.’”

Turns out, Daniel had scored the role of H&A’s creepy Ryan. He introduces himself to Kyle’s girlfriend Phoebe (Isabella Giovinazzo, below) as a fan.

However, it’s clear Ryan is a dangerous stalker. Nic has had mates appear in H&A before.

But Daniel is the first to be in his storylines.

And without spoiling it for fans of the show, the character played by Nic’s real-life flatmate comes face-to-face with him!