She just made Wentworth history!

Wentworth Correctional Centre gained a new inmate this week when Sigrid Thornton made her debut on the drama series.

It’s the first time an actress has appeared in both Wentworth and Prisoner, the cult 1980s Australian series that inspired it.

“I didn’t realise that [fact] until I was on Wentworth,” Sigrid  tells TV WEEK. “I felt gratified. For me, the connection is interesting.”

Sigrid plays a wealthy woman on trial for murder. 

In Prisoner in 1980, Sigrid played inmate Ros Coulson, who was convicted of murder.

In Wentworth, the 57-year-old 
plays inmate Sonia Stevens. She’s a wealthy entrepreneur who’s been accused of murder.

“She’s from an extremely different background from most of the prisoners in Wentworth,” Sigrid explains. “She’s been a successful, high-flying corporate animal running a cosmetics empire. She’s done well for herself.”

Sigrid as Ros Coulson in Prisoner. 

Sigrid adds she was excited to see another female prison drama to follow in the footsteps of Prisoner.

“I always thought it was a terrific idea to create a new women’s prison show,” she says. “I’ve been banging on about it myself for years!

“It’s just such a fertile ground for drama, and I love that Wentworth has created this wonderful playground for
a beautiful ensemble of women.”