Vice’s TV channel ‘Viceland’ will be making its first foray into Australia in as early as a few weeks.

Vice’s Erik Lavoie made the announcement while speaking at the recent Mumbrella360 conference, revealing that the TV Channel will be launching shortly.

“We’re expanding our ability to distribute our content, TV has become a thing for us. You will be seeing some news around Vice and the launch of Viceland in Australia in coming weeks,” Erik revealed.

“All of this is because we need scale and engagement – that’s our business model. Our business model isn’t about driving banner ad sales, it’s about audience. It’s about audience growth, generating the largest possible audience that we can, to get our content out to as many people possible.”

At this stage, Erik has not revealed how the TV channel would work locally. It has however already been launched in both the US and Canada.

Erik did confirm that the local incarnation will contain a mixture of localised and international Viceland TV content.

“When the channel launches in Australia it will have content coming from Canada, the US, the UK, France – all the places where the channel exists – and then supplement with some additional programs that are Australian in nature. We believe that is something that doesn’t exist today.”

Erik explained that Vice’s move into TV came as a response to a dissatisfaction with traditional broadcasting. Vice has always been renowned for creating edgy videos and documentaries.

Viceland TV is an extension of that already existing brand. Overseas, the channel is a 24-hour cable network featuring hundreds of hours of new programming that can be viewed not only via a TV set but also using apps or streamed online.

At this stage details around the localised version are under wraps – so stay tuned for more info.