Vikings returns tonight, 8:30pm on SBS. 

Ahead of the show's long-awaited return, TV WEEK caught up with Aussie actress Alyssa Sutherland who shares her thoughts on her character Queen Aslaug's incredible journey throughout the series.

Queen Aslaug made quite the entrance when she arrived in Kattegat pregnant with Rangar's child way back in season one.

It's so funny that's how people see it. Because I've kind of wondered how it happens. People revise it sometimes. I think she was pregnant and she decided to track him down and say excuse me, there's a little situation here that you have to deal with. But, Lagertha (Ragnar's first wife played by Katheryn Winnick) decided she didn't want any part of it. I think Aslaug and Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) kind of ended up together by default. Aslaug turned up and was like I'm going to be here and do what I can.

Understandably, Aslaug's relationship with Lagertha (Ragnar's first wife) has been rocky from the start. Where do they stand now?

A lot of time has passed. I don't think Aslaug really has a problem with Lagertha at this point, but I guess someone might be holding a grudge.

When the show returns, Ragnar has been away from Aslaug for a very long time. How did Aslaug cope with the responsibility of being Queen of Kattegat without a King?

Yeah, it's not just being left with the responsibility, to put it into perspective, for these people, every time their family and friends went away; they knew it could be the last time that they'd see them.

Women would go as well, so I don't want to say only the men would go away. It would be for long stretches of time and everyone back at home had responsibilities to keep themselves alive. Basic survival was different then to what it is now.

So it wasn't just being left with that, but being left, I think. The scenes when the boats would sail off and we [our characters] would stand there and watch them, they kind of get me every time, because it could be the last time you see your husband or your son.

Alyssa Sutherland as Aslaug. 

Having spent so much time apart, how does Aslaug feel about Ragnar's return? 

Yeah, it's funny. He comes back after anywhere between seven and 10 years.

I always talk about the fact that they were Vikings; I don't think they had the same moral beliefs as we do now. I don't think there was such a thing as cheating. I'm not sure it was frowned upon in the way that it is frowned upon now. It was probably still hurtful to people, but I don't think it was as taboo.

As for their relationship, she's kind of had it with him. He never really treated her well. He's shamed her, and physically and emotionally abused her. I think she's really done with him.

There's a part of her that delights in the fact that finally other people are going to be like, "okay, he's not this hero". He's never really been that way and there's an immature part off her that's like, 'Yeah!'.

Character differences aside, have you enjoyed working alongside fellow Australian Travis Fimmel?

Absolutely! We have another new Australian kid on the show as well, Jordan Smith who's playing the grown-up Ubbe. He's a Brissy boy too. So, it's not just me and Travis now! I love Australians and I love being surrounded by Australians. There's a lovely laidback attitude that I think most Australians have.