Vikings delivers gore, but at its heart is a brillant show about family.

Review by Darren Devlyn.

When it premiered in 2013, Vikings was dismissed by some viewers as a squirm-inducing bloodfest.

Yes, it may appear that way on the surface. But, Vikings has always been about family, even if that family's a bit twisted.

And, we love the part Australia has played in the bizarre dynamic of that family.

Aussie Travis Fimmel certainly had a rocky start as an actor (2003 series Tarzan, anyone?). 
Thankfully, he stuck at it, because he’s brilliant as Ragnar, a man who has tasted victory gained through violence, but is now in the depths of humiliation.

Ragnar's focus on his relationship with his sons has been a gift for actor Jordan Patrick Smith. It's a mighty stretch from playing Andrew Robinson in Neighbours, but Jordan has not skipped a beat as Ubbe.

Meanwhile, Brisbane-born Alyssa Sutherland is stunning in the role of Aslaug, who's in an intriguing battle with Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) for the throne.

Those who initially labelled Vikings as superficial and said it had less depth than an inflatable wading pool must now concede. It’s not just a classic genre piece, but one that taps into a rich vein of emotion.

No doubt season four will continue to deliver more of the same heartfelt drama.


Wednesday, 8:35pm, SBS