Ordinary Aussies play travel critics in this new series.

Confession time:

I love to travel, yet travel shows usually bore me senseless. This one is different – I spent the entire episode snort-laughing and making plans for my next trip.

I put it down to Travel Guides' simple but effective premise. Six groups of reviewers head to the same holiday destination (separately) for a week. They then rate it out of five stars.

Of course, nobody sees the same things the same way.

First stop is Tokyo. For some groups, the authentic Japanese five-star hotel they call home is bliss. For others, sleeping on the floor and eating unidentifiable food proves a miserable experience.

However, all of the teams will find a silver lining in different activities the city has to offer – and some of them are delightfully unexpected.

The casting is spot-on and the characters are supremely likeable.

I'll be booking a return trip next week. 

Travel Guides

Tuesday, 9pm, Nine Network