Paul Hogan's life takes a turn in part two of the biographical miniseries.

Review by Stephen Downie.

Hoges goes to Hollywood! In part two of Hoges: The Paul Hogan Story, Crocodile Dundee turns Paul Hogan into an Oscar-nominated superstar.

Just how big is Hoges (Josh Lawson)? Well, he gets to co-host the 1987 Academy Awards. It’s moments like this that will either jog viewers' memories, or will come as a surprise in the satisfying conclusion to this yarn.

There's another such moment when Paul is offered, but turns down, the lead in some movie called Ghost. Yep, the role that went to Patrick Swayze. And Hoges has a health scare.

Of course, a lot is made of Paul's romance with co-star Linda Kozlowski (Laura Gordon). She calls Paul to congratulate him for winning a Golden Globe. Later, they smooch in a hotel hallway.

It's not long before Linda is labelled a "home-wrecker" by the media. Justine Clarke puts in a strong performance as Paul's wife – and then ex-wife – Noelene.

Through it all, she sticks by Paul, even seemingly holding out hope they might get back together. Paul ends up marrying Linda – although paparazzi crash the wedding.

Not everything works here. In particular, there's a strange scene where Hoges meets Clint Eastwood. Also, a couple of lines fall a bit flat. Like when Noelene says to Linda, "Aussies love their Hoges."

It's not the sentiment, just the context. Overall, it's an entertaining, front-seat ride with an ordinary Aussie who took a chance – and won.

Hoges: The Paul Hogan Story

Sunday, 8:30pm, Channel Seven