Why Hoges: The Paul Hogan Story is fascinating viewing.

It may be hard to imagine anyone, even someone as talented as Paul "Hoges" Hogan, could go from being a rigger on the Sydney Harbour Bridge to a comedy sensation.

This biopic, Hoges: The Paul Hogan Story, celebrates a trailblazer whose larrikin style of humour was a reflection of Australia at that time. As such, it's a fitting tribute to a legend.

Of course, much rests on the shoulders of Josh Lawson, who has the enormous task of playing Hoges.

How do you re-create the charisma Hoges possessed – and which the country fell in love with from his very first performance on New Faces?

The answer is you can't. I feel the weakest parts of Hoges are the comedy sketches themselves.

That may also have something to do with the fact that Paul's comedy was of its time. Some will watch the re-creation of sketches with a sense of nostalgia, while younger audiences might wonder how anyone ever found the show funny.

The miniseries does highlight the influence John "Strop" Cornell (Ryan Corr) had on Paul's career.

Ryan, once again, proves why he's one of our most in-demand actors.

Hoges' best moments are the ones where we see a cash-strapped Paul at home in Sydney with his wife Noelene (Justine Clarke).

Her doubts that her husband could succeed in TV are understandable, given she has hungry kids to feed. Their relationship is, at times, fragile.

It's in these scenes that Josh gives Paul an earthy humility.

Hoges is a captivating story − and a sometimes heartbreaking peek at the man behind the mirth.

Hoges: The Paul Hogan Story

Sunday, 8.30pm, Channel Seven