How far will Eric have to go?

Review by Thomas Woodgate.

After the adrenalin-pumping first episode, the action continues to come thick and fast in this week's gripping instalment of 24: Legacy.

Eric (Corey Hawkins) is firmly in 24 territory now. He needs to get his hands on $2 million right now to give to Ben (Charlie Hofheimer). If he doesn't, Ben is going to give a list of the sleeper cells to Bin-Khalid's people.

Eric decides the best course of action is to get himself arrested. It shouldn't be too difficult, he says, because he's black and in a dodgy neighbourhood.

His plan is to then break into a police station safe and steal the money he needs. As you do. Well, you actually do when you're in the 24 universe.

The fallout from Rebecca's (Miranda Otto) actions last week have an impact on Eric's mission. And come the episode's final moments, Eric finds himself outnumbered and running out of options fast. But this is 24, so the clock is ticking…

24: Legacy

Sunday, 8:30pm, Network Ten