24 is back in the form of a reboot.

How can 24 exist without Jack Bauer? That's the question many 24 diehards are asking of the show's reboot, 24: Legacy.

Can you imagine Breaking Bad without Walter White (Bryan Cranston) or The Sopranos without Tony (James Gandolfini)? Not a chance.

There's no denying that 24: Legacy has a big task in bringing back one of the best TV shows ever – in my opinion, anyway – without the legendary Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland).

I'll admit, it takes a while to shake off the Bauer-esque cloud that inevitably looms large. But come the end of the episode, Corey Hawkins' turn as Eric Carter – Jack Bauer 2.0, if you will – will have you on the edge of your seat.

That's largely due to the real-time format of the show that became the cornerstone of its success. Everything is so immediate and now. The threat feels very real and the implications of every action are immediately felt.

It all feels very 24 and familiar. And that's an excellent thing.

With the clock ticking and a new threat thrust upon the audience, you'll feel right back at home in the 24 universe.

While you'll never say 'Jack who?', you will be invested in Eric and where the story goes to next.

I already can't wait to find out whether Rebecca Ingram's (Miranda Otto) actions – that scene was very 24, by the way – were justified or not…

24: Legacy

Sunday, 8.30pm, Network Ten